Whatcha Wanna Know About Waterhemp Control?


Werle, Arneson, & DeWerff


February 9, 2023

The WiscWeeds team has been busy this winter compiling all our waterhemp management research results in an effort to curate a set of best management practices for growers and decision influencers battling waterhemp in their corn and soybean fields. These publications are the result of five years of waterhemp driven research projects sponsored by commodity groups and crop protection industry, featuring many of the accomplishments generated by our outstanding group of students and academic staff.

The resources below (3 publications) reflect our ongoing commitment to getting results to our clientele rapidly in a concise and understandable format. We truly hope you find these resources helpful!

Waterhemp Research Summary: What We Have Learned from 5 Years of Chemical Waterhemp Control in Soybean (PDF)

Waterhemp Research Summary: What we have learned from 5 years of chemical waterhemp control in soybean (DeWerff et al. 2023).

The Six R’s of Waterhemp Management in Soybeans (PDF)

The Six R’s of Waterhemp Management in Soybeans (Arneson et al. 2023).

Waterhemp Got You Worried? WiscWeeds’ Been There, Done That (Story Map)

Waterhemp got you worried? WiscWeeds' been there, done that (Arneson et al. 2023).

Kudos to Nick Arneson (UW-Madison Weed Science Outreach Program Manager) and Ryan DeWerff (UW-Madison Weed Science Research Specialist and WI Herbicide Evaluation Program Coordinator) for generating these reports and to our entire WiscWeeds team for their great work supporting the research reported herein. Many thanks to our collaborators and sponsors.

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